cttcarts asked:

1) Reblogging from blogs that don't source. 2) To see if you would answer publicly instead of privately. 3) You don't support them if you don't know who they are. Simple as that. 5) NO artist allows their art to be reposted and unsourced. 6) For an artist whose had their art stolen by the kind of people you support, it's a big deal to me. And it makes me want to stop sharing my art for people like you.

1. Well sorry, some people want it up front.
2.Didn’t know you wanted it public So here you go.
3. Well sorry for not bring a simple person.
4.You skipped 4 out of rage
5.I would, I know tons of my friends would, besides why would they put it on other websites if they didn’t allow it?
6. This is tumblr for 1,2 never knew you draw,3 this is a stupid argument they should stop.