Final commission on my list for Kng-Bowser of his two OCs Sureibu and Dice Magica.

Dice: I knew that my lovely flower Sureibu was into rather fun fetishes for a long time but, when she asked me to stuff her full of eggs, I was a bit caught off guard.  After a very long talk about the subject, we decided to combine it with our bondage play to make her, and myself, feel a bit more comfortable on the first try. After binding her to our kotatsu table everything went as planned. I first started stuffing egg after egg into her belly, she could have signaled me to stop at any point but I was very proud of her when the last one slipped inside. Penetrating her was a rather challenge but even I must admit that it felt good in there, I especially loved hearing her cries as I removed the gag. Once I was done “fertilizing” the eggs they were each pulled out by magic one at a time, the sight of one of them popping out was magnificent. Once they were all out I began to release her from her bonds but she called out to me and said, “hey… How about filling the other hole now?” I grinned a smile at her as my hand moved to massage her butt, not replying to the obvious answer I was going to give her.

Took longer then planned, but finally able to open up for commissions here in a few days :D



I really screwed up here… But still… i hope you will like it :)

Full res versions:  - full res of the first pic - full res of the second pic - full res of the second pic, added cum - full res of the third pic - full res of the third pic, cum added